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My programmes are bespoke to your individual / Teams needs but may

include the following:

Leadership coaching

  • Understand oneself to understand others – Human Condition

  • Linking your Head, Heart, and Intuition (gut).

  • The importance of “THINKING”.

  • Self-worth and well-being (Habit forming).

  • Psycho-Geometrics – Power of influence.

High Fives

Team Performance Coaching

  • Effective Communication/collaboration.

  • Vision and Goal Setting

  • Understanding each other (we are all wired differently).

  • Self-Actualisation 

  • Importance of accountability

Fun Presentation

Independent Facilitar

  • Motivator

  • Influencer

  • Listener / Questioner 

  • Energy and positivity


Life Coach

  • Support and provide guidance and direction through life’s challenges

  • Reset your compass to achieve your goals

  • Realise your potential for greatness.

  • Empower yourself and lead a happy life.

Online counselling

“There can be no one better than yourself so be the best version of you because no one is born to represent another”

+64 21 278 7139


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