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Hi, I'm Clair Carter 

Clair Carter is a certified Leadership, Growth and Wellness coach governed by ICF code of Ethics.

Clair has worked with executives and high achievers resulting in positive, impactful positive change and personal growth.

Clair has a wealth of experience in the corporate sector stretching over 2 decades. Working for 20 years in the UK for DIY giants B&Q & Kingfisher before relocating to New Zealand.

Clair’s attributes include identifying where growth and change is desired, this is achieved through personal values, strengths, vision and purpose.

Clair will reset your compass enabling Goals that are aligned to values and beliefs.

Clair will hold accountability and welcome difficult and challenging conversations in a safe and secure environment.

Last note from Clair...  "BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU"


More on Clair

Alongside my desire and vision to help my clients be the best version of themselves I am a wife to Ian and a Mom to my wonderful boys Harry and Max.

I adore my Portuguese water dog “Elvis “and together we love to walk the beautiful beaches and coastal paths along the Northshore of Auckland.

+64 21 278 7139


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