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 Leadership and Performance Coaching for Individuals and Teams. 

CLAIR'S PURPOSE: To unleash your potential. Enabling and empowering you to lead

a successful and happy life. 

Grow Your Vision

Take the first step by booking a  

Free 60-minute introduction no obligation chat.

Change starts with YOU. Let me help you become the BEST version of yourself. 

My programmes are bespoke to your individual / Teams needs but may

include the following:

Fun Presentation
High Fives

Team Performance

“Successful people build each other up…. they motivate, inspire, and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame, and complain."

Independent Facilitator

“Yesterday is a closed door. Tomorrow is the opening of a new one. What are you doing to seize the moment? "


Leadership Coaching

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone” 

M J Bobak

Online counselling

Life Coach

“Life has no remote. Get up and change the channel yourself! I will help you…."

What people say 

"Thank you Clair for your leadership and guidance during your 3 months with us.

You were open, direct and honest. You created a trusting environment which meant that the team felt comfortable in being vulnerable and truly able to express themselves. It is always challenging opening up to new people, but you made that simple and easy - SO THANK YOU. And I know for a fact that David and James will NOT forget their shapes ;-)

Keep going, because you're truly an amazing human being - more people should get to know you - they will be hooked on your passion and enthusiasm! "

Dolly Sangduan, Insight online

+64 21 278 7139


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